Check Point R80 upgrade

Support for pre-R80 versions ends September 2019

As of September 2019 all pre-R80 versions including R77 Gaia will have reached end of life and will no longer be officially supported by Check Point. Legacy operating systems such as Nokia IPSO, Solaris and SecurePlatform also need an upgrade path which includes conversion of the operating system to GAIA.

Why September 2019? – Check Point provides support for all of its software products for a minimum of four years, starting from the general availability date of the product’s major version (May 2015 for R80).  When support ends there are no further security updates or bug fixes for the product.

Benefits of the upgrade

R80 is a consolidated cyber security management suite, featuring centralized management control across all networks and cloud environments – increasing operational efficiency and lowering the complexity of managing your security.

There are many benefits to the upgrade including:

  • Security Insight – Integrated threat management provides a single view into security risk across your organization. Logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting are all in one place with a customisable console.
  • Policy – A unified policy addresses data, users, apps and network traffic (physical and virtual) to streamline administration and enforcement.  Each policy can be aligned to business needs though manageable segments and layers, making it easy to operationalise security.
  • Integration – With the R80 API, security workflows can be orchestrated utilising automated processes, improving team productivity.

We recommend that migrations are completed as soon as possible, to ensure continuity of support. If you need to upgrade to R80 or want advice, we can help – contact us to get started.

Criticalis is a Check Point partner with engineers holding extensive experience (accredited since 2003). We offer specialist Professional Services in addition to full firewall management.

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