Exposure to cyber threats is inevitable regardless of your industry, size and location. It can be time-consuming and daunting to keep up with the ever changing and increasingly complex security landscape. That's where Criticalis can help.

Analysis, design and architecture

Technical implementation and integration

Security program guidance and consultancy

Key areas we commonly assist with

Zero trust / network segmentation 

Legacy “flat” networks protected by a perimeter security device leave the inside of the organisation unprotected against threats originating within the network such as infected machines, malicious employees and unauthorized access.  To combat these types of threat, modern network design calls for networks segmented by usage, with inter-segment traffic monitored and controlled by a firewall.  Migrating to this Zero Trust concept has huge security benefits but can be a challenging prospect. 

Whether you require partial segmentation of critical services or migration to a full Zero Trust architecture,  Criticalis has the tools and capabilities to ensure optimal design, effective implementation and smooth transition. 

Cloud infrastructure security

Migration to the cloud has seen large-scale movement of infrastructure. Early adoption often lacked rigorous security architecture and controls. As the industry matures there is growing realisation that assets and information in the cloud need security architecture, just as traditional environments do.

Criticalis has expertise in securing cloud based infrastructure across the main public cloud vendors.

  • Cloud to on-premise VPN connectivity
  • Cloud firewall deployment and migrations
  • Analysis, cleanup and consolidation of existing cloud deployments

SaaS security 

Your organisation almost certainly makes use of Software-as-a-Service in some form or another – whether its email, file sharing, CRM, chat.

Leveraging Check Point CloudGuard SaaS, Criticalis deploy an intuitive cloud managed service that will allow your business to take advantage of the many benefits that SaaS provides while maintaining the ability to effectively monitor, control and secure it.

  • Cloud access broker
  • Zero day threat prevention
  • Account takeover protection
  • Data leakage protection

Firewall Health Check analysis 

Comprehensive analysis of the firewall estate to identify ways to reduce risk and cost

  • Identify unnecessary/inefficient software licensing to reduce renewal cost
  • In-depth review and analysis of each rule for security implications
  • Performance optimisation
  • Cleanup and consolidation of firewall policies and objects
  • Assess configurations against baselines and best practice guidelines

At the end of the assessment, we provide our clients with a clear, concise executive summary report and a detailed technical report.

R80 Upgrades, IPSO and SecurePlatform to GAIA conversions 

If your organisation still has IPSO firewalls or Check Point infrastructure running SecurePlatform or pre-R80 Gaia software it is becoming increasingly urgent to migrate to Gaia R80. Having successfully upgraded many clients we have the skill and experience to make the transition smooth and safe.

As of September 2019 all pre-R80 Check Point versions including R77 Gaia will be end of life and unsupported.

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Check Point expert services

Advanced Troubleshooting

If you have a tricky Check Point problem, we can help. With detailed root cause analysis, we can debug and resolve complex persistent problems spanning multiple technologies.

License Review/Consolidation

With a comprehensive review we can consolidate complex historical licensing, remove unnecessary/unused licenses, restructure, and ultimately reduce renewal cost.

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