Full-stack vulnerability management

Get the most from your vulnerability management, with expert-backed vulnerability detection and continuous system visibility. Our "full stack" approach to vulnerability management covers your host, infrastructure and web application layers.

Full coverage

A combination of automated scanning and manual penetration testing gives you the best vulnerability intelligence across your full technology stack.

Accurate results

All vulnerabilities are individually validated and risk rated by experts in vulnerability management and penetration testing.  False-positives are virtually eliminated.

Cost benefits

Delivered as a managed service, you won't need to hire and train in-house expertise to stay ahead of the curve.  You can focus on your key business objectives.

The full stack advantage

Full stack vulnerability management has comprehensive visibility and coverage across all layers of your environment with continuous and on-demand security assessments.

Traditional network vulnerability scanning tools often focus on just the host and infrastructure layer – network devices, host operating systems and installed software – and have limited visibility into the application layer (web apps, mobile services, APIs). From a security breach standpoint, this blind spot is the area of most risk*. One-off penetration tests and code reviews only give a point-in-time snapshot and are quickly obsolete. The shifting threat landscape and the rapid release cycles and workflows of modern DevOps, CI/CD processes and cloud generate constant change. This makes it essential to track vulnerability status continuously.

With full stack vulnerability management you get continuous, accurate, and actionable vulnerability intelligence across the whole environment. Monitoring and reporting on current risks, trending and metrics are all available via a single insightful dashboard.

*While a larger number of vulnerabilities are found in the infrastructure layer overall, the application layer presents a higher degree of risk.

Source: EdgeScan 2019 Vulnerability Statistics Report.

Vulnerability management by penetration test experts

We utilise a hybrid model for vulnerability assessment combining custom automated scanning and manual penetration testing techniques. Every vulnerability found is individually validated to ensure the accuracy of the results – virtually eliminating false positives.

The service is backed by a team of more than 50 certified security, vulnerability management and penetration testing experts. With industry experts working for you, you can be sure that best practices are always being followed.

Minimise cost and maximise security

Our vulnerability management service has flexible, transparent pricing and can provide exceptional price/performance. You gain access to industry experts, using the most up-to-date security tools – no need to hire and train a costly in-house team, or pay for additional hardware and software licenses.

With certified PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) status, the managed service can be a single consolidated solution for both enterprise wide vulnerability management and specific PCI compliance scans.





Key features

Customisable alerting

Get notified of what’s important to you. Easily create custom alerts and choose to receive them via email, SMS, Webhooks, Slack and more.

Asset profiling

Continuous profiling of the entire estate detecting changes in profile and eliminating blind spots.

On-demand assessment

Vulnerability scanning available on demand when you need it, and scheduled as often as you want.

Robust API

Connect to the service API to consume vulnerability information.  Integrate with your DevOps processes to automatically schedule scans or register new assets.

Security Insights

Verification of security improvements and information on new or emerging threats.

API security testing

Assessment of API's including SOAP, RPC, REST and others, Open Banking & PSD2 environments.

Flexible reporting

Highly customisable reporting, from executive summary to detailed technical data and remediation advice.

SaaS delivery

Simple to get started, easily scalable from one asset to thousands.  Optional on-premise virtual appliance for internal scanning.

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