Count on our proactive management, transparent communication and commitment to continual improvement. Our team can provide the cyber security expertise you need - freeing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Network and firewall device management

Our cohesive managed security service gives clients peace of mind knowing that their whole network environment is in good shape. We’ll manage the detail and complexity of the network, so you don’t have to.

  • Secure, automated and verified backups with encrypted storage
  • Configurations continuously audited against compliance and best practice policies
  • Proactive health, performance, availability and status checks
  • Continuous vulnerability scans ensure all devices under management are patched and secured
  • Ongoing monitoring, tuning and reporting on Next Gen Firewall security features

Vulnerability management

Criticalis provide a continuous hybrid managed service, blending traditional automated scanning tools, manual verification and penetration testing.  Our full stack capabilities mean that your entire infrastructure can be assessed top to bottom, leaving no potential blind spots.

  • Continuous profiling to identify and monitor assets and network changes
  • All vulnerabilities are manually validated by certified experts, virtually eliminating false positives
  • Risk records, trending and metrics easily accessible via web dashboard
  • Full stack assessment covering host, infrastructure, web application layers and even custom API's
  • Support for public facing, internal and cloud based environments
  • Certified ASV for PCI compliance
  • Expert risk rating, prioritisation and remediation advice
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Cloud security management

Modern cloud environments are increasingly complex and can be challenging to efficiently manage and effectively secure. It is critical to retain auditable and secure change control without sacrificing the speed and agility that the cloud provides.

Under Criticalis management regain control of your SaaS, IaaS and PaaS resources across public, private and hybrid environments.

  • Gain visibility into cloud assets
  • Monitor and control network traffic to and from resources
  • Maintain consistent security policies across multi cloud and on-prem environments
  • Enforce granular user access permissions and multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Automatically identify risks such as insecure access permissions
  • Meet auditing and compliance needs

All Criticalis managed services include

Named principal contact

Named principal technical consultant and account manager that take the time to understand your environment, industry, business and unique needs.

Regular service reviews

Regular scheduled service reviews giving valuable insight into current status including risk factors, capacity planning and threat management status along with practical recommendations for improvement.

Access to highly skilled engineers

Access to qualified, industry accredited engineers to assist with support issues.

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